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Another view is , suggests that “I score and I win, you score and you don’t know if you win,” is the essence of Mourinhoball. But if I score first, it’s good night, because I’ll shut down the game and only venture forward to prey on your mistakes. The style of play he introduced was equally simple.

Madrid would sit deep, lure opponents forward, pounce on their errors and score with lightning counterattacks.

According to Torres, Mourinho told his players before the second leg it was impossible to win.

The best they could hope for was to lose by a narrow enough margin that the referees could credibly be blamed for the defeat.

His tactics, his personal style, and the influence of his agent Jorge Mendes all come under scrutiny.

But arguably the core problem was Mourinho’s inability to accept responsibility for defeat. It was always somebody else’s fault – referees, officials, the press, weak players in his own team. In 2011, Madrid lost 2-0 to Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final first leg.

The problems began when it became clear that many opponents would not mount any attacks for Mourinho’s team to counter.

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He announced that some of his players lacked “balls”.

Mourinho has never lost a title race to a team like Liverpool – a side he never even saw as contenders.