Runaway guys dating sim

02-Feb-2020 06:11

Socially awkward 24-year-old NEET Bernd Lauert starts a new life in the small mountain town of Unteralterbach.He is forced to take a job at a local police station to help with the investigation of a gang of sex offenders.One night, while out taking pictures of the full moon, you meet a girl walking down the beach...Jan 25, 2009 • 8,266 words • "My name is Selena, and I have been chosen to be the future ruler of the world." She might look like an ordinary schoolgirl, but a secret organization called The Agency are going to overthrow the world and institute her as ruler of the new world order!But what part might a new transfer student play in her future?Mar 31, 2005 • 30 minutes • The world is in ruins, humans have destroyed and used all resources on the planet for their own selfish gains.(You must be 18 and over to play.) Jun 15, 2019 • 100,000 words • Great Troubles!

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The first gay dating sim/visual novel from Obscurasoft, Coming Out on Top follows college student Mark Matthews as he busts out of the closet and engages in all manner of adventure, all the while meeting a multitude of hot guys.

It's side story I Promise has been released in english as of december 2016 Jun 15, 2019 • 2.00 hours • A short typical Girl follows Boy set in a Typical Japanese high school.

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