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10-Apr-2020 08:09

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Pushing and shoving in crowds bring no hard feelings.In restaurants Russians will not hesitate to join a table with strangers rather than dine alone.The Russian Orthodox Church, isolated from the rest of Christianity, developed independently as a national church.Russia regarded itself as the third and Last Rome, successor to Rome and Constantinople, the two capitals of the Roman Empire which had fallen to barbarians and infidels.Commerce is by its very nature conducive to compromise.

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The rulers of Russia began to use the title tsar, derived from Caesar.Individualism and competitiveness are more common in the West; they are esteemed characteristics.Russia has a history of the agricultural village commune, with the land held in common and decision-making determined by the assembly of heads of households.The Russian people see Russian expansion as a consequence of victories over foreign invaders.

America's commercial experience and Russia's lack of a mercantile tradition have given the two countries different world outlooks.

Russia remained a vast, backward, largely agriculture empire, regimented and ruled by an autocratic dynasty with a holy mission to defend its faith against the barbarians of the East and the heresies and pluralism of the West.

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