Sammi sweetheart dating

10-Jun-2020 13:54

In 2013, Sammi started her own clothing line called Sweetheart Styles, and she became a co-host on a podcast called ’ in 2015.

But more importantly, Sammi has seemingly found love with Biscardi!

So I thought that was disappointing so I just want to like clarify that.

But other than that, it is what it is and I wish everybody well…”.

She was a staple of the show as she and Ronnie became known for their dramatics.

(You’ve never seen a love/hate relationship like theirs, trust us.) But the two of them together was ratings gold and the epics meltdowns and the endless drama between these two is what kept many viewers hooked on this show!

In his photo caption, Ronnie teased the second season of E!

’s , which airs in 2017 and stars both Ronnie and Malika.

Ronnie went public with his relationship with Malika Haqq, who starred on E!She didn’t say if there was one incident that prompted the breakup but did mention that “something happened” and “some dramatics.”“I just want everybody to know that yes, I am more than okay. Something happened in the relationship that I was in and I left because of, I guess, some dramatics. Sammi clarified that it was she who left the relationship because it just got too crazy and tumultuous.