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Stella admits to Marshall, however, that she hated the film, but is ready to pretend to love it for the rest of her life for Ted.Despite this, Marshall still thinks that things are moving too fast and, together with the rest of the group, decides to hold an intervention for Ted about Stella.

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The sessions end, and Ted asks her out, to which Stella replies that she has a daughter, Lucy. Heather Graham first appeared on in the season 4 episode, “My Old Friend’s New Friend.” She is labeled the second hottest employee at Sacred Heart Hospital next to Nurse Tisdale, which is why she makes the list. Elizabeth Banks wonderfully played the character of Kim Briggs on Scrubs shortly before she became a household name. Kim would have been #2 on the list, had she not lied to J. Banks appeared on 15 episodes of Julie is a lot like J. Both are very clumsy, geeky, and drift off into their own fantasy worlds. Since she was only 23, she admitted she was not ready for that type of commitment. The thing I liked about Mandy Moore was the obvious on-screen chemistry she had with Braff, which would make sense since they were an actual couple. She would only make one appearance (Season 4 Episode 1), but it was truly memorable. Smart appears in four episodes of including the dream sequence in the season 8 finale. does not notice her at first because she is wearing a wedding ring and therefore “invisible” to him. They conceive a child even though they did not actually have sex. With so many deadbeat dads out there, why would you lie about having a baby with a guy who would make an awesome dad?! fell for Julie hard and wanted a long-term relationship. She would go on to star in another NBC show: It would be a crime if Dr. But when Lily accidentally reveals to Stella that he intended to break up with her earlier that day, she confronts him and dumps him.

Ted doesn't give her up and once discharged, finds her at Kiddie Fun Land, where he proposes to her.However, this does not throw Ted off course, because she doesn't explicitly refuse (and he gets to learn that Marshall heard Stella describe Ted as a "small crush"), so he takes her on a two-minute date during her lunch-break. The relationship kicks off and the two seem happy with each other, although Ted gets the feeling that Stella might be taking things too slow , since she has neither slept with him nor introduced him to her daughter.

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