Sean connery and catherine zeta jones dating

14-Dec-2019 19:54

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Since movie producers and authors are in the business of making money by producing stories that appeal to the moviegoers and readers alike, it is natural that their products reflect the evolved desires of their target audiences.It is interesting to note as an aside that, while Mrs.If not cultural socialization, what then accounts for the popularity of romantic couples where the man is much older than the woman?From the evolutionary psychological perspective, it is a direct consequence and reflection of evolved male and female natures.As we discuss in our book (Chapter 3 “Barbie -- Manufactured by Mattel, Designed by Evolution”) or, more briefly, here, there is evolutionary logic behind every aspect of ideal female beauty, including youth.There is absolutely nothing arbitrary about the standards of beauty.In the 1963 classic , it appears that the man is older, sometimes by decades, than the woman among couples in movies. Why do both men and women in every generation expect and want the leading male character in movies to be so much older than his female counterpart?

People in our “culture” are therefore “socialized” to expect attractive women in movies to be young, not old, whereas men, who are not subject to the same arbitrary standards, can be old and still sexy.

Catherine Zeta-Jones shared a kind tribute to actor Sean Connery, but many fans thought it was a sign that the actor was in poor health.

Zeta-Jones posted the below photo of herself and Connery, which was taken from their 1990 movie However, fans thought this meant something had happened to the 87-year-old James Bond actor.

was released in 1999, it caused an uproar among feminists because of the large age difference between the two main characters who get romantically involved. To the feminists’ chagrin, however, the pattern of an older man and a younger woman in romance is not limited to movies that appeal mostly to men.

Feminists charge that these movies reinforce the cultural norm that women have to be young to be desirable, whereas men can be much older and still attractive to women.

Robinson in is supposed to be much older than Benjamin, being the mother of his girlfriend Elaine, in reality, Ann Bancroft is only six years older than Dustin Hoffman.