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25-Jun-2020 18:29

In the example below, the attribute is added to the input field.

If your web browser supports HTML5, it will not allow you to submit the form without entering text into the input field.

Most current web browsers support this attribute and will communicate missing required input to the user, using standard web browser dialog mechanisms.

These dialogs are expected to respect the settings and preferences of the user in the web browser (and operating system), such as default font-size, colors, and language.

Using validation rules you can make a field required for specific conditions, or you can check to make sure the value entered into a field is what you are expecting.

This tutorial is divided into 3 sections below: If a field on a Nintex Form should always be required, that should be set on the List itself and not in the form (the form picks up the list settings).

For more examples to see how to format validation rules see the Rule Formula Examples wiki article.

In addition to providing instructions, validate user input to help users avoid mistakes.

self validating bug-52

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In this example we are going to make the Start Date greater than or equal to the date is originally submitted.Then add two appersands (&&) to the end of your condition so we can also check if the required field is empty.**For additional Formula examples, see the Rule Formula Examples wiki article. Click on the Runtime Function tab, double-click on is Null Or Empty function.At the very bottom of this article is a link to more validation formula examples as well. Click on the field you want to make required (e.g Start Date), then click on the Add Rule icon. Add a descriptive name for the rule, choose Validation for the Rule Type, then click on the Formula icon. Click on the Runtime Functions tab, then insert the desired function.

In this example double-click on the greater Than Or Equal runtime function, it should then be displayed in the Formula box at the bottom of the Formula builder window. Click inside the ‘greater Than Or Equal()’ parenthesis, click on the Common Tab, then click on field it needs to be greater than.

This should insert the reference inside the parenthesis after the comma and space like shown below.

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