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The richest baby boomers live in Wyoming, California, Connecticut, and Florida, according to Data Driven Marketing.In total the boomers have about 14.5 trillion dollars in investable assets.Other findings include: The retirement expectations are widely varied among Baby Boomers.Though attempts to save have been made, not many have saved the recommended amount.They're not all sitting home, surfing the web, bored out of their skulls, though. A 2015 AARP report claims 91 percent of baby boomers are getting paid vacation time (about 54 percent use all or almost all of it, as of a similar AARP 2016 Travel Trends report), and 99 percent of them planned to travel in 2016 (AARP's 2016 report). ), that's where they travel most; they love the Caribbean and Florida though sometimes they travel to knock something off the bucket list or to experience another culture (Europe is popular).They will skimp on clothes and furniture, but don't hold back much on travel (AARP 2016 Travel Trends report). Some Baby Boomers have already had the opportunity to retire.

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They're not playing the complicated or intense games the millennials love, necessarily, but they can enjoy puzzles, card games, trivia, and other similar games. They are working out for health reasons, because it's what they've always done, because they're divorced and dating, and to look good and maintain the ideal athletic-looking body that will serve them well, well into their 70s.Instead, they're embracing this stage of their lives.Marketers are waking up to the spending power of baby boomers / seniors and wondering how best to reach them online.Boomers are a dynamic group making their mark on the world well into retirement.

Their interests are varied and they don't seem to want to slow down.

They also love You Tube ( Always the doting parents, the National Center for Policy Analysis says Boomers are still spending their money on their kids.