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21-Jun-2020 22:07

They are even perfect for summers, in addition to this you can easily wear them with a loose top and a cardigan for a modest yet stylish look.

You can make one for yourself from the tutorial here by simply extending the length to reach your ankles.

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Hijab, the simple headscarf covering the muslim woman’s head, is one of the most visible signs of muslim faith – a symbol of modesty and dignity for Islamic women around the world and an adherence to the teachings of prophet Muhammad.

While the latter has deeply influenced Arab countries, it is still possible to spot some traditional garments.

In this guide we will first deal with some of the most common stereotypes about Arabs and clothing, then consider the traditional garments worn in different countries, starting from Morocco down to Oman and understand how the concept of “modest dress” drastically changes from one country to another within the region.

Recently, I have seen a huge demand in Islamic and modest clothing sewing patterns hence I decided to make a library of all the sewing patterns that fit in the category of Islamic clothing.

On this page you will find modest Islamic sewing patterns for abayas, tops, skirts, pants and scarves all in one place.

If you have any requests or suggestions you can leave a comment below.

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