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08-Aug-2020 20:19

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And after that the Swedes beat Norway in almost everything from clothes to car-making and the Eurovision Song Contest. Norwegians still see themselves as a little brother, and no – Norway is not a city in Sweden. Norwegians like to tell stories of their exploits and how they fought bravely against the German occupation. If you come from the bar with 8 beers and your new friends finish them they will go to the bar one by one after your round – and won’t come back with a beer for you. Find cheap hotels with Trivago in Norway The indigenious people of Norway are called Sami. Check out over 3 600 places to spend the night in Norway here The Swedes kinda occupied Norway for 100 years (sort of) from 1814 to 1905. Oslo is called the one-night stand capital of the world, and Norwegians tend to be more open minded when it comes to sex than many other cultures.You won’t believe this fjordhotel in Norway – check it out!

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Even more so than those make-believe swedish blondes from your fantasies.It was the Celts who probably had the red hair and the Vikings brought it back when they farmed and settled in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland (i.e. They eat something that is quite similar to, but not quite, pizza.