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I have a reference number I received from a customer service rep (10013049) in regards to this matter, but the additional charge (authorization) still remains.

I need this matter cleared before any additional charges I’m expecting to clear my account come through.

In 1952, the company opens its first shopping center in Florida. In 1988, a new corporate headquarters is constructed in Charlotte.

In 1998, the company consolidates its 112 brands to form Belk Inc. Belk retires as CEO after 50 years of leading the company. In April of 2015, Belk was sold to a private equity firm, Sycamore Partners.

A huge flagship store was built where the Bank of America Corporate Center now stands.

In 1921, the Belks begin partnering with the Leggett brothers to open new stores.

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1 charge is for the entire order amount and 1 charge is for one item that shipped separately.

Today, there are over 300 Belk department stores in the US. I do know that not all Belk stores honor this policy. HR and Store Mgr.) Even though my name,#,and store # for retirees is on my sales slip I was told by #0013 today they would approve no more purchases if I do not have a card. Reply I just came back from Belk and it took forever to make a purchase. I’ve met with my attorneys and it probably be wise to get back with me at the email above.