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this regard* He advised fee would', attempt to do so and,: if successful, will furnish same to BA BUIES on a. For info an d file* Contact will be maintained- with ^from time to time and, if- he. SERIAUZED^.5b KLED..^ Ji L ft j Hj/ M-W m LEAK HW 12580 Dodd: 59167812 Page 6 sac, wm Orleans (157*2306) 7 / 16/64 F. If 'individual being signaled ■ is n yklansman,' will answ ;•- ;•% v?

furnishes further t€ info ©f potently value.,-, h SXMIIl BSX consideration will be given to opening Mm as a Man Informant • U 137-2413 U 157-2299 1^157-1952 WW 14) JU- ^ AT? OIA(b) (7 ) - (D) sa samjel n , mmmms KMN ACTIVITIES, LEAKE COIW, MISSISSIPPI RACIAL MATTERS The report of Racial Xnforfsianu l dated June 26, 1964, reflects contacts with C. ABAISS- in the Blue Top Motel, Carthage, Mississippi, and with MR. Contacts were made tilth these, individuals to learn of information - regarding three missing persons ■*- MICHAEL SGHKSRNHft, JAMES CHANEY* and ANDREW mmmm * who -disappeared m Philadelphia, Mississippi, on June 21, 1964.

- ' H who is a member of a Klavern in Hinds County, Mississippi, as an informant for the Jackson Police Department: A report . - New Orleans tec- 157-1995), -Vi; (2J- 157-1962 (WKKKK): V - 157-1994 (PRICE GRAY) 1 2 - 157 -ERNEST GILBERT 2 - 157 -New (JAY MORROW) 2 - 157 -New (JOHN Mc GREGOR) 2 - 157 -New (HORACE GRICE) 2 - 157 -New (A. Informant advised that the meeting was held at the Klan headquarters on Morgantown Road.

This meeting was of the Adams County Klavern which had been recently formed and consisted of the old Morgantown Klavern and the old Adams County Klavern.

This information was f urn i she d s f Yam records of the, Jackson Police Department , ba sed , upo n reports made b y-l 1 Jackson, Mississippi, ! BARRETT, WILLIAM MITCHELL, JR., and BOB NEWMAN, Klan members, were responsible for recently breaking out the front windows of the office of the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) 1017 Lynch Street, Jackson, Mississippi. ERNEST GILBERT, was flying around over the meeting in an airplane. Informant's kiavern met June 9 , 19 6*1, at Pennock Tile Company on Handy Avenue in Jackson. HORACE GRICE (phonetic) is the Exalted Cyclops of the Forest Hill Klavern. T his report can be located in New Orleans file| |.

I ^ J |% ; stated th at in the evenfcthe FBI desired to interview I he would make an appointment for interview of | during one of I I weekly visits to" , Jackson, Mississippi, at c any designated place in Jackson|^ interview C Arrangements will be made through [ to Bt Y- ]at : the earliest possible date regarding':;. CIVIL ACTION NUMBER 75-1121 Reference Butel to all SACs dated 7/30/76 and Buairtel to all SACs dated 8/6/76.

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