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19-Apr-2020 11:12

Connections officials declined to comment on the suit this week.

"In my whole practice, this is the most egregious, most neglected case," said Hudson, who has represented several medical negligence claims regarding prison health care in Delaware.

The state will also hire an outside organization to review Vaughn's grievance process – what is supposed to function as due process for inmates with frustrations, concerns or complaints. The DOC has not had a permanent medical director since long-serving Dr. He continues to serve on a "casual/seasonal" basis, according to the prisons, but the state is seeking to fill his six-figure position. Christopher Bullock, pastor at Caanan Baptist Church near New Castle, say the poor medical treatment continues today.

Letters received by his office detail frustrations with a lack of substance abuse treatment, health care and “lack of access to medical attention in an expeditious way,” he said.“People are still concerned,” he said.

“He had every sign and symptom of colorectal cancer.”In 2006, federal authorities were called in to oversee Delaware's prison healthcare after The News Journal published a months-long investigation.

Among the cases featured in the newspaper's series was that of Anthony Pierce, an inmate who died from a brain tumor that grew to the size of a second head.

The state recently announced that an outside team of experts will review the prison's policies surrounding non-emergency health care requests or the "sick call" process – the very process Sipple claims failed him during his time at Vaughn.He submitted more than 20 sick call requests asking to be seen by doctors but little action was taken. Steven Sipple weighed 240 pounds and was in good health when he entered James T. Two years later, in April 2017, he walked out of prison weighing 146 pounds. According to a lawsuit he filed in Delaware Superior Court, he made more than 15 written requests for medical attention.Many were disregarded, and the times he was seen, he said his symptoms weren't taken seriously.“Prison should be about redemption and rehabilitation.” Just over five years ago, the DOC was released from an agreement with the U. Department of Justice in which the state agency was supposed to have improved health care for its prisoners.

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That agreement was prompted by a six-month investigation by The News Journal that uncovered the case of Pierce, who became known as "the brother with two heads." Pierce, who was being treated by a private contractor the state hired to handle inmate health care, Correctional Medical Services, died from the brain tumor in 2002."If Pierce didn't change things, nothing will," Hampton said.

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