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By way of remembrance of those lost during Black Saturday, and the many more seafarers lost over the years, the Seafarers Memorial Group, along with others, have organised a commemorative wreath laying ceremony on Sunday 18th August 2019.

An unique ship from the 'golden era' of Wick's herring catching and food-processing industries has 'sailed back' to her home-port, over 70 years since she ceased having a prominent role at Wick Harbour.

If anyone know of other funders not yet in our listing please send details to [email protected] add to the listing.

The Mey Highland Games has agreed received a major sponsorship package totalling 15k with from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), the executive non-departmental public body responsible for the safe clean-up of the UK's earliest nuclear sites.

Mr Slorach was a keen collector of model ships and other antiques at his home in Golspie.

The funders all have different criteria and boundary areas but at least you can now quickly find the web sites for all the information and application forms all in one place.

To recognise and remember all those seafarers who lost their lives, a Seafarers Memorial Group has been established with the aim of designing and erecting an appropriate memorial that will provide a lasting place of remembrance.

40 boats sailed out with the flotilla into Wick Bay where wreaths were laid The Highland Council is warning the public of the presence of an algal bloom at Loch Watten, Caithness, following an examination of sample water on Monday (12/08/19).

Many of the boats began to head for home but in the early hours of the morning the severity of the storm caused boats to crash against each other as they tried to gain the mouth of the harbour.

Volunteers are welcome and you don't need any archaeological experience to take part.

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