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01-Dec-2019 06:32

I’ve done it before and believe me, it is a liberating experience! Women who are off limits There’s just something about taboo topics.Both men and women find something very enticing about the things they can’t have. There’s nothing wrong in indulging him by doing a bit of dressing up and role-play, is there?The risk of sexually transmitted disease is thankfully enough to put anyone off, even most men.But when the risk is eliminated, the idea of hiring an anonymous professional to satisfy one’s carnal sexual needs is many a man’s secret fantasy. Alas, it is probably true, so you may as well get involved – why should he have all the fun!A little secret us girls like to keep is that we are just as capable as men are of having secret fantasies that involve foreign situations and people. We’re all just vixens under-cover – and if you’re not, you don’t know what you’re missing!

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Make him sit on his hands so he isn’t tempted to touch, and tease him first with your sultry dancing.Couples who have established a fairly standard bedroom routine will feel insecure about introducing something new; this is inevitable.Perhaps you’re not even sure you’ll like it yourself? Have you considered that you can ease yourself into the concept of sexual role-playing before you even mention the idea to your boyfriend?You can indulge your man’s fantasy without ever taking part in a ‘threesome’ simply by and painting the right picture – in his head!

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For example, take your man out to dinner, and on the topic of ‘threesomes’ discretely point out the women in the restaurant you find attractive.In fact half the fantasy and pleasure is in the imagining of it.

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