Shantell dating

28-May-2020 17:56

This is a thing Shantel knows well and thus; she too works out on a frequent basis which keeps her body frame balanced.

Even her tweets are crucial in showing her love for workouts and fitness.

I mean we sleep in the same bed and nap together and to have that friendship to me is so important.

Our chemistry is so much better because of it, because most romances come from a friendship so when you have that base in real life it only helps on screen.” It is very good to maintain one's physique and workout on a frequent basis as that helps us to stay fit and balanced.

And like expected, it all started from an Instagram post.

Van Santen frequently shares pictures with her She even shared a cute picture of two on her Instagram on the occasion of Buckley's Birthday with a cute message.She also has been a part of Women's Health Magazine which is known to be one of the biggest fitness and health magazines in the world.