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Not going to lie, her acting is not flawless (still good though) but she is just so hypnotically beautiful.Shin debuted as a model for Ki Ki Magazine and has since appeared in many CF (commercial film) advertisements, becoming one of the most in-demand CF endorsers in South Korea. and has published a travel book titled Minah's French Diary. This will certainly be one of the greatest running man ever! A few movies later, she enchants us all as 'Gu Mi-ho' and now as 'Arang'. I was already "over the moon" for this actress when I first saw her in 'Punch' way back when. Sure, she's pretty, but her acting has a long way to go before it's on the level of Kim Sun-A, Choi Kang-Hee, Gong Hyo-Jin, or Han Ji-Min. She has the knack of having great chemistry with whoever is the male lead and that's not easy to do. I think she needs someone in her life to be tough on her performances and expect more out of her, because she does have the potential to be so much better at her craft.

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"Otherwordly" would be a great discription for the way that Shin Mi-nah's warmth, beauty, cuteness, and charm immediately captivates all who become bewitched by her special spell. ~i love her so much im always watching "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" i like her face so so cute i want to be like her too and im her biggest fan ever and i have a question on Min A is she in love with Lee Seung Ki? if it is gumiho time im so glad i always jump and jump!

when i first saw her in my girlfriend is a gumiho,,, i was amazed by her innocence look and her cuteness,,, but i when i watched arang and magistrate i saw the other side of her. i hope you have another series or movies with lee joon ki this year. And A Love To Kill done greatly by her and Bi ^^ You're so pretty, memorable, skill-full, and amazing! : D Shih Mn Ah shii, you look great with Lee Seung Gi in My girl friend is a gumiho. i look and compiled all her movies and tv series.she's one of actresses that so simple yet gorgeous! Shin Min Ah *_* I can die for her, I'd probably melt if she was just standing in front of me lol.

Both she and jo insung were lively, make their characters alive so much. Every drama or movie she makes I always give it a chance and I liked the majority of them. i have seen her in beauty and the beast and right away i have been a big fan of her! you are so pretty ,and your beauty is unique that it could be seen naturally whenever u smile. i love ur lv team with sung gi oppa, ur so perfect as a lv team, and i wanna watch it all over again and again, haha , i lv u soo much unnie!

Shin Min-A, born April 5th, 1984 with birth name Yang Min-A (양민아), is a popular South Korean actress & model. Those folks at that teen magazine who first looked her middle school picture must have been affected much in the same way. :) Oh, i've finished watching MGIAG, it is really amazing, one of the best film i've seen. for me i like the movie my girlfriend is a gumiho......this movie can inspire other people to watch keep it up..........success and more movies next time if u make a movie can i request ye sung be part of u show.........blessssssssssssssss................... my wish is i want Min Ah and Lee Seung Ki will go to Philipphines!

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Her family consists of a father, mother, older sister & brother. Pure love, cute scene, everything fun and sad in this film make me feel so happy, so alive. i do have already all her movies and as well as tv dramas... or meet with me with Lee Seung the wish will come true ahhh! All Korean Actress only Min Ah is the BEST BEST EVER!

Afterwards she would first appear in commercials and music videos. She's not exactly my favorite but I love her energy. Don't understand why it's underrated but I will try to support it as much I can! I'm not easily hooked in just any drama when I say I love it I really mean it!! I can't stop watching Oh My Venus over and over again, even though I have finished watching it more than five times. I hope that you and So Ji Sub will date in real life. Her new drama #Oh My Venus , best drama of the year , excellent story . Just to be in the same room with an image of Shin Min-a I can feel the presence of greatness! ;'( ...i've imagine that..the things will passed ..the world is no end..that is will see you,week,months or else year.... Min-a Shin is my favorite actress in all of Korea's actress.i like her.i love her because of her smile. my 1st impression about her is the way she performs her character as a mute girl totally out of words that ever could describes of the other way i see it.

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