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A pencil mark cannot be reproduced by computers, making it less vulerable to fraud.

The signature will be on the lower right and the numbering on the left. The numbering shows both the number of the print (the first number) and the total number of impressions in that particular edition (second number). At the beginning of the twentieth century, prints were published mostly with the number of the print but without indication of the total number of prints in the edition.

Harris's work from the 1920's on is similar to O' Keeffe's in both scale and style.

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Emil Bisttram, leader of the Transcendental Painting Group, which Harris also helped found in 1939.(3) Both Harris and O' Keefe were also interested in eastern philosophy, spiritual mysticism and theosophy, a form of philosophical or religious thought based on mystical insight into the nature of God.The Group of Seven were self-proclaimed modern artists who became the most important Canadian artists of the early twentieth century.