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13-Apr-2020 14:06

The first approach I’ll call: “It’s a contest—choose me.” Just reading it makes me feel stressed! Judy lives in a metropolitan city, is a highly-successful businesswoman, works out regularly, has a strong and long-standing group of friends with whom she travels and has an active social life. She looks at friends of hers who have married and initially she felt they settled.I’m finding that so many women (more than men) approach dates as a contest they will either win or lose. “He isn’t as educated as she is” is one of the kinds of things that has come up, for example.

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Today I want to help you avoid those mistakes that lead to heartbreak.This is a hard pill for a lot of people to swallow.Whether it’s because they don’t know how to react, or if it’s because they don’t feel they can live up to her expectations; either way it can be somewhat intimidating for potential lovers and even friends.A smart woman’s checklist tends to be either longer or more specific than those who want a significant other, just to have a significant other.

They know themselves and in turn know what type of person they can and can’t be with.Some are actually pretty damn hard to avoid unless you’re consciously aware of them.