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This proved quite useful for overlander (conestoga wagon) cooks who did not have ready access to a reliable supply of fresh eggs.Chocolate pudding & custard The earliest print reference we find for chocolate pudding is 1730.Before 1775, he and Governor Dunmore very likely met on friendly terms.They may have talked about the similarity between the Washington coat of arms with its red stars (mullets in English heraldry) and the Scottish Douglas and Murray shields with their silver stars on a blue field.Food historians generally agree that custard, the sweet almost pudding-like substance we Americans know today, dates to the Middle ages.

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In November, Dunmore offered emancipation to any slave of a rebel master willing to join his forces.

This is another piece of evidence that the stars in the Stars and Stripes flag could have originated from the Murray arms, with the blue field from the cross of St. The would have been picked up by the Washington family, which lived just south of the border with Scotland, for the coats of arms of George Washington's first knighted ancestor.