Sonny with a chance of dating part 1

07-Jan-2020 07:40

The next day Chad goes to Sonny with presents at her house.

Just before Ssonny goes to give him a hug, the So Random!

Forthey should just move the Summer Olympics to Egypt during Ramadan.

Meanwhile, the swimmers seem more androgynous and uncomfortable than ever.

Part 2- This part has not aired yet, it will air on June 20, Sonny, you're on it. Anyway, that's the country I wagered on -- a country that tried to kill Sonny Crockett, one of the greatest Americans of the past 25 years. Bob Costas tried to explain that last weekend was a holy weekend in Greece or something, as if that was an adequate explanation why we're holding the Olympics in a place that only had 40 fans for every event.

It's like watching an Atlanta Hawks home game for two consecutive weeks.

She says she'll "talk to a professional" again, but instead goes to Chad again.

She goes to the Mac Falls set, and interrupts during a scene.

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Sonny stops them, and tells them that it was betrayal, and that she was sorry, and was about to tell them that she was going on a date with Chad, but then Nico interrupts and says and I quote: Sonny is now afraid to tell them that she is going on a date with him, so when they ask her what she was about to say, she just says that she was going to ask them whether she should include Pluto as a planet for her project.

That night, Sonny is at home talking to her mother about what happened that day, although all her mother wants to do is watch the Falls.

Someone rings the doorbell, so Sonny's mom answers it.

Sonny feels sorry for him so she agrees to go out with him.

So, Sonny goes to Chad and tells him that it would not work, he is upset.Chad asks if it was because he didn't tell her what happens on Mac Falls, and she says she didn't care about Mac Falls anymore.

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