Speed dating ice breakers

09-Feb-2020 00:24

Humans don’t generally like to be thrown into new environments, so you can imagine how it feels to kids when they are trying to make new friends or fit in at a new social event.

It can be scary as heck and will even cause some kids to stress out, even days before!

You can create your own set of questions or use the ones we’ve provided for you.

Tell the kiddos to pay careful attention to all the details, as you have a volunteer walk around the room with a tray full of items.

Combine the pictures and have the pair come up with an appropriate name for their animal.

They can combine the 2 names or come up with something totally original.

😉 Pass around a bowl of skittles and allow each kid to grab only 1.

Then go around the room and have them answer the question that coordinates with the color of Skittle they chose.

We’ve purposely kept the questions simple, so the shyest of kids can answer as quickly as possible and get the attention off of themselves.

At our Veteran’s Day lunch, we had them draw a bald eagle, a flag and the shape of America.

Whatever you choose, be sure to add the details one at a time. You can keep adding to the picture but 5 or 6 things is about the perfect amount. Each kiddo will write one sentence about them, without using any names or describing their looks.

We’ve done the work for you, but you simply need to print this out and bring it to your next get-together.

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For this game, you’ll want to pass around a roll of toilet paper, telling the kids to take as many squares as they’d like.

Have your volunteer take the tray to another room and begin asking questions.

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