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31-Jul-2020 06:16

***receive LINT BRUSH*** -You know most of the women here, right? Objective: Beat your boys by getting more phone numbers than they get! ============= START CHAPTER ============= -Alright, I'm in for .

The Item and Art Guides have been subsequently updated. Item and Art Guides are updated, and I added a question to the FAQ. I'd made a mistake on the numbering of her scenes, so I fixed that. Please note that there are often many ways to finish each individual level of Sprung, although they generally lead to the same conclusion.

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The path I lay out for each scene is only an example of one such way to successfully complete the level while maximizing your item gains. I've beaten both Brett's Story and Becky's Story numerous times, and I'm currently up to 100% of items and 51/52 art.