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The H-1 sported the same pickguard-bridge-tailpiece combo with one humbucker pickup, it also had a coil tap button to split the humbucker to single coil.

The S-2, S-3 & H-2 were marketed as Deluxe versions & had a white plastic 3 ply pickguards with a separate hardtail bridge, in 1983 a single ply pickguard was introduced with the model number S-2, S-3 or H-2 embossed on the lower horn.

Five models were marketed - the Bullet (standard), the Bullet H-1, the Bullet S-2, S-3, and H-2—in addition to the two new bass models (a regular scale "B-34" and short scale "B-30").

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The humbucking pickups were really two single coil pickups with alnico rod magnets side-by-side. The popular second version Bullet's were available in color options red, ivory, brown sunburst or walnut, black was also available but never marketed as a color option.

The Bullet Deluxe had a plastic pickguard with a separate, traditional hardtail bridge while the standard model featured an Steel pickguard-bridge-tailpiece combo, powder coated white or black, with separate saddles for each string.

Both models had 2 single coil pickups with a three-way selector switch.

However, they used the same pickups and tuners as their slightly more expensive Affinity series cousins, and generally were acknowledged as good starter instruments.

In 2018, Fender had done away with the vibrato bridge on the Bullet line and made its mainline Bullet guitars top-loading hardtail instruments (vibrato bridges could still be found on special production runs for stores such as Guitar Center).In the early 1990s Fender switched from using zinc-plated steel for the bullet ends to brass, improving sustain. Stainless steel strings with bullet ends are also offered since the late '90s.

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