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16-Apr-2020 08:32

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I'm researching the impact Western media and globalization has on changing gender and cultural norms in Sri Lanka, specifically with dating and marriage.

I get a kick out of reading the Sunday paper's ads from proud parents shopping out their adult children while extolling their modern Western education and then insisting on receiving a horoscope. One observation you may find relevant: back in 2011-2012 there were zero women from Sri Lanka on Internet dating sites popular in the region.

Countries like Philippines and Thailand were very well represented but only two countries had zero participating women: Maldives and Sri Lanka. There were tens of thousands of women participating from Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.. I'm no longer single and have no idea when that situation changed but given the number of Tinder stories I hear around Colombo I guess it did!

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Here you will find my Sri Lanka Girls Mobile Numbers here. Therefore I have joined it and hope, I will also find my desired soulmate ...It seems to me that areas like Colombo are growing a bit more progressive, but traditional culture and familial pressure is still present, making it a tough balance of values for young Sri Lankans.I'm American, so I'd love to hear some of your experiences with this!One thing to be taken into consideration is that 'dating' is not really a thing here.

The western idea of dating is two people meeting up a few times and 'dating' until they feel they are suited for each other and want to be 'in a relationship' or 'boyfriend-girlfriend'. It's pretty much immediate 'we're together' after the initial meetup and a few chats.

I am also Sri Lankan girl and I have shared my such details here.

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