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25-Oct-2020 09:08

One of those laptops was Kait’s Mac Book, however, and she works in an Apple store therefore having an intimate knowledge of the software contained on it.

After the laptop had been stolen a friend of Kait sent her a text message about getting her laptop back.

She then activated the web cam on her machine, waited for someone to come into view and then took a photo.

The ploy to get a photograph nearly didn’t work, as when you send the command to take a photo with the webcam the Mac Book displays a countdown on the screen.

Kait contacted the friend who told her she had appeared online so it was assumed she had the laptop back.

Kait then got access to another Mac computer, fired up the “Back to My Mac” service and gained access to her laptop remotely.

“To remove your public camera from this site and make it private the only thing you need to do is change your password,” the anonymous site’s administrator writes.

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Luckily, they did so too late and Kait got her evidence. Kait also managed to get a picture of the other thief one Edmon Shahikian aged 23.

The thieves broke in to an apartment shared by 3 young individuals.