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She had never allowed herself to have "feelings" for either of them, being trapped into the traditional role of housewife and mother.

Something in him recognized part of what was going on, though, because every time Evelyn purposely came really near him, he got a hard-on.

She kissed the face of his cock as soon as she saw it, and her caress told him that she would be a loving mother to it, as well as him.

He proceeded to remove the married woman's sweater and skirt in her husband's shop, and she lifted her legs quickly but in a very feminine way to remove her low-heels.

Crying, Evelyn said, "I need you." "I need you too." he responded, being volcanically turned on by the fact that she was not only old enough to be his mother, but married too. " she asked, looking up at him with smiling but still-tearful eyes.

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She leaned forward from behind and asked him a work-related question, continuing to touch his thin, muscular back. " he asked, flipping his cock up as it screamed for release from his tight jeans.She made sure she wore her short skirt that monday.