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Additionally, other smaller Sudanese groups who have also been Arabized, or partially Arabized, but retain a separate, non-Arab identity, include the Nubians, Copts, and Beja.

While most Sudanese Arabs speak some form of Sudanese Arabic, some other Arab tribes speak different Arabic dialects like the Awadia and Fadnia tribes and the Bani Hassan, Al-Ashraf and Rashaida who speak Hejazi Arabic.

Sunni Islam requires its adherents to follow the Five Pillars of Islam.

The first pillar, the shahadah or profession of faith is the affirmation "There is no god but God (Allah) and Muhammad is his prophet." It is the first step in becoming a Muslim and a significant part of prayer.

Another ceremony commonly observed is the great feast Id al Adha (also known as Id al Kabir), representing the sacrifice made during the last days of the pilgrimage.(2) The Juhaynah group, who live as camel nomads in the Butana plains in the East and the North Kordofan plains to the west.