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It was home to the ancient majestic city of Ebla, which flourished from 1800 B. Notable places The biggest cities in the country — Aleppo, in the northwest, and Damascus, in the southwest — are truly ancient.

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Along with what is now Lebanon, Syria came under French control after the Ottoman Empire collapsed in 1918, and became an independent country in 1946.In addition, the individual household is based on blood ties between men.Syrians ideally and sentimentally prefer the three-generation household consisting of a senior couple; their married sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren; and their unmarried sons, daughters, and other miscellaneous patrilineal relatives.C., and because the city was along the Silk Road, it saw bustling trade for centuries.

[Photos: Survival of an Ancient Civilization in Syria]4.The elder Assad violently squelched dissent and killed thousands of people in a crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood in 1982.