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Just a peck, a 2 second peck, Cole frowned as I pulled away. Gee was grinning at me, Trent blabbering on about something to her, which she clearly wasn't listening to, the jocks and other cheerleaders were now standing up and ready to leave, Emma stood in the middle of them all, whilst Aaron was still sat opposite us, his fists were clenched resting on the table, he looked like he was ready to kill.

I then looked back up at Cole before I leaned in and pecked him on the lips.

I felt my face blush, ' Oh God, sorry.' I cried quietly. Cole coughed before he turned up the radio, ' The only reason I agreed to it was because I needed good grades, I'm not doing it to help her out.' He muttered loudly.

Play with one hand and get stuck into our knock out cocktails, craft beers and delicious pizzas with the other.My eyes widened as I jumped out of the car, along with Alex and Cole, the house really was packed! Cole suddenly grabbed my hand before he sighed, ' I can't lose you, especially at Niell's parties, I'd never find you again.' I smiled slightly at how cute his words were, ' I didn't realise you had a soft side.' I smirked. ' Alex shouted as he patted my back, before he walked into the house. ' I shouted as Cole led me through all the people in the hallway.Cole either didn't hear me or he decided to ignore me, as he pulled me into the dining room.' You drinking tonight? ' No, I'm staying sober.' I replied, to which he grinned. I can drink and you can drive.' He quickly gave me his car keys as he poured himself some punch. It doesn't matter if I'm drinking or not, I'll still going to have fun tonight. I love seeing him like this, after all he deserves it. ' Princess.' Cole said as he grabbed my arm. ' ' What time shall I pick you up for the party? I smiled slightly before replying, ' Seven.' He nodded, then winked as he walked out of the lunch room. We need to discuss some things.' Gee said quickly as she pushed me forward.

He quickly jumped up out of his seat and stormed out of the lunch room, ignoring everyone who tried to talk to him.

Crazy Eight - London Shuffle’s brand-new table shuffleboard dedicated bar – is now conveniently tucked away in the basement of The London Shuffle Club.

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