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10-Dec-2019 22:03

A tea party is a perfect afternoon get-together or birthday celebration.

It may be difficult to get boys to participate, but a tea party is an excellent way to learn some manners.

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To make the game a bit more difficult, choose teas of all one color, such as white, black, or green.

Try a themed tea party, such as “A Day at the Races.” Cater to the kids’ tastes with mini pizzas and little sausages wrapped in biscuits instead of the usual dainty pastries and finger sandwiches.

Add to the fun with our collection of tea party games for kids.

Offer several prizes, such as for: You will need a kitchen timer for this tea party game.

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Provide your guests with paper and a pencil or pen.Let the guests guess what they are by how they smell and look.

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