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No periodicals in Yiddish were being published in Poland and Russia, and Perets published stories from time to time in the radical Yiddish press in the United States, such as Abend blat (Evening post) and Tsukunft (Future), under the name Plo”i, including his story “Veber-libe” (Weaver-love) which was written in the form of letters. He was now as completely absorbed in the Jewish labor movement as he was with the socialist ideal, spoke at secret workers’ meetings, read his works aloud there, and no one could have suspected that in just a couple of years there would transpire in him such a spiritual-creative upheaval, as a return to pure artistic creation and to Jewish folk sources which was deeply ethnic-national in content. 1, published for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the death of the poet), “baveglekhe khrestomatye” (movable reader), comp. In Zamość there was a teacher of Jewish religion named Sh. Zalmen Reyzen, Yitskhok-leybush perets, zayn lebn un zayn verk (Yitskhok-Leybush Perets, his life and his work), “biblyotek grininke beymelekh” (Little green trees library) (Vilna: Tsisho, 1921), 38 pp.; 6. Shveyd, Mit peretsn (With Perets) (New York: Verbe, 1923), 48 pp.; 7. Khorak who was later the Yiddish censor in Warsaw, and he advised Perets to go to Zhitomir and study there in the rabbinical seminary (from which he, Khorak, had graduated). Maks Erik, Konstruktsye-shtudyen, tsu der konstruktsye fun der goldene keyt, fun baynakht afn altn mark, batrakhtungen vegn patos (Construction studies, on the construction of Di goldene keyt [The golden chain] and Baynakht afn altn mark [At night in the old marketplace], thought about pathos) (Warsaw: Arbeter heym, 1924), 68 pp.; 8. For a short time, he and his uncle Yoysef Altberg and one Gedalye Shper operated a mill, but after the institution of new Russian laws and courts, on his own he arranged to turn his attention to working as a lawyer. Hersh-Dovid Nomberg, A literarisher dor, a bisl zikhroynes vegn y. perets (A literary generation, a few memories of Y. These very thoughts in roughly the same time frame were entertained by Mendele and also Sholem Aleichem, but Perets did not hear from them, for Yiddish literature from Ukraine did not make it to Poland.

His name arose at a time when Jewish youth aspired to the “wide world” but in a different way from the era of the Jewish Enlightenment: not to run to the world, but to embrace it within themselves and with its power create a synthesis of the world and the Jew.

His love poems marked a new phenomenon in Hebrew poetry, insofar as they were erotically unbridled and to that extent they were a form of resistance to the Enlightenment poem which was fearful of singing concretely of love but only in a stilted manner.

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