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19-Jan-2020 03:28

Today, social media enables teens to connect with and meet up with strangers much more easily than ever before.

So it pays to be aware of the app world, even as it changes more quickly than we parents seem to be able to keep up with.

yeah there are a lot of fake accs from what ive heard, although this one called yellow or something has over a million users and is for like 13-18 year olds. To be honest, when you're under 18 you shouldn't really be focussing on finding relationships. If you're a girl then you can get away with being under 18 if you write it in your tinder bio, as most guys are happy to date a year or two younger. But yeah parties are pretty easy to pull at, better than trying to find love in TSR.

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Less than a third of parents (27%) said they were worried about their child being the victim of cyber-bullying this year - almost halving from 45% in the previous year, while two-thirds (67%) of children are now allowed to go online without supervision - up from 53%.

There used to be under 18 tinder but they stopped it cause older men were posing as teens on it tbh, i don't think there's much out there for under 18's in terms of dating apps.

i did hear of this one app which requires the user to take a picture of himself/herself with a piece of paper saying they're signing up or whatever and it has to get reviewed by the app owners before the user is allowed to have an account, and this is supposed to stop older people signing up as under 18's i forgot the app name but it is not as popular as tinder and there are noticeably less people to talk to from what i hear.

My LOL, which calls itself “the #1 teen dating site in the U.

S., Australia, UK, and Canada,” requires users to be between the ages of 13-19 and requires those under 18 to say they’ve obtained a parent’s permission to use the website.

The FBI has reported multiple cases of adult men sexually exploiting minors they met on mobile apps. But when we asked teens about dating apps, they brushed off the idea that teens were using them. A high school junior offered, “Lots of my friends use Instagram to meet and start a relationship.” This was echoed by several other teens, who all agreed that commenting or liking a stranger’s (or a friend of a friend’s) social media posts might lead to in-person meetups later.

for your concern , as a woman I wont appreciate that at all - I face this situation with one man who was...… continue reading »

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