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10-Jul-2020 09:18

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what is radioisotope dating

How do we know that there wasn’t lead in the rock when it was first formed?

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The Cardenas Basalt bottom layer (below the Cambrian explosion) is usually dated with Rhobidium -Strontium and calculated to be about 1 billion years old.

Since the early 20th century, Radioisotope dating has been used to bolster the vast time spans ascribed to the geologic record.

However, research by geologist John Woodmorappe (a pen name) revealed that the radiometric methods used today were actually hand-picked to coincide with the dates previously assumed for the geologic column diagrams.

An examination of sedimentary rocks worldwide shows a striking consistency with the unimaginably massive Flood that wiped out whole environments.

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It caused massive sedimentary layering and sorting and fossilizing of the creatures buried therein.

This method is used only on metamorphic and igneous rocks – not sedimentary rocks (which are rocks laid down by water – and is where the fossils are primarily found).

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