The psychological factors in dating

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Surround Yourself with People Who Emit Good Energy Positive relationships, being with people you love and fulfilling will be an important factor that will play a vital role in your physical and emotional well-being.

Toxic people harm your psychological well-being and add stress to your life.

Do Not Try to Change Yourself Accept in all your dimensions because you can not change.

Trying to do this will only bring you discomfort and a rejection of yourself.

The studies conducted by this psychologist, using this questionnaire on emotional well-being, show that psychological well-being is related to age, sex, socio-economic status and ethnicity ( The six dimensions that show us this psychological well-being are: This dimension speaks of acceptance of all aspects of our person and of the past as it has been, without falling into the clutches of powerlessness because of our willingness to alter or intervene in something that’s is already produced.

Tell yourself that if you accept your body, your emotions and your thoughts, you will have a much more positive vision of yourself.

Find Your Passion It can be your job, since you can spend hours there, and it’s better if this time is spent with something that motivates us.

You can also find your passion in a field that you love: music, sports, a manual activity …

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A high degree of autonomy means that you are able to show greater strength to resist social pressure and your own impulses.If you have a great sense of control over what’s around you, you’ll feel able to play a role in that environment and handle complicated situations.