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20-Jun-2020 19:43

Typically, these kinds of sites will have a lot of support and administrative staff to manage the site; these kinds of websites are generally very reliable from a technical standpoint.

Sometimes it's really nice to have someone looking out for you, taking away the need to look over your shoulder and think twice. They are the only major dating site that does background checks on every single member, male and female.

You can match everything from "sex personality" to "romantic personality" to TRUE compatibility, which is similar in scope to most of the serious relationship and marriage oriented sites.

These also had a small degree of relationship to the myriad of chat rooms available.

There are two drawbacks to the site, there is a fair amount of advertising which should not happen on a site that charges 49.99 for one month and there have been reports of difficulty deactivating accounts, not an untypical complaint in the online dating world, but something to be aware of.

markets itself as the safest and most trustworthy dating website around.

Profiles are fairly standard, though the quality of photos you can upload is very high.

The most positive elements of this site are found in the variety of its features, which allow paying members to email, send instant messages, chat on web cams or even go on virtual dates in which you choose an avatar and meet other avatars in bars, restaurants, night clubs and so on.

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From dating for single parents to how to best set your profile to exercising for better sex, they cover it all.

It’s a unique approach and certainly adds a sense of adventure to proceedings. Firstly, we are not convinced that the membership options offer good value for money.

Payment packages range from very expensive (for one month) to relatively cheap (6 months), but it does feel as though they're forcing you into a corner, particularly given that you can’t really do much at all without at least taking up the 3-day trial package.

There’s a point where truth simply becomes intrusion and it’s up to you whether or not you feel crosses the line.

Forbidding anyone with a criminal record seems inhumane, whilst checking on whether or not people are married is probably irrelevant as their marriage is unlikely to be a great success if they’re on a dating website.The range of what subscribers are looking for on the site seems to be marriage at one end and cyber excitation at the other-so be aware of that.