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It is much faster to read the data once and save it into memory than to reread it each time.In this example, the macro will need to grab the named Range "issue_age" from the worksheet repeatedly. VBA is much faster when it doesn't need to stop and interact with the worksheet.When the macro is done, automatic calculation needs to be turned back on using the following command.If the macro ends prematurely before this command is processed, you will need to manually reset calculation to automatic in EXCEL. Turn off screen updates Every time VBA writes data to the worksheet it refreshes the screen image that you see. Minimize traffic between VBA and the worksheet Once the macro begins it is important to avoid unnecessary references to the worksheet.The impact of leaving automatic calculation turned on can be dramatic.I highly recommend turning off automatic calculation using the following command at the beginning of the macro.Refreshing the image is a considerable drag on performance. Grabbing data from the spreadsheet is a drag on performance.Avoid reading or writing worksheet data within loops whenever possible.

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The third command only recalculates a specific Range.

The first five rules generally have the largest impact on macro performance. Please note that my estimates of time savings below may vary significantly for your specific application. When a new value is entered into a worksheet cell, Excel will recalculate all the cells that refer to it.

If the macro is writing values into the worksheet, VBA will need to wait until the worksheet is done recalculating each entry before it can resume.

Enumeration can assign default numerical values or specific values can be assigned. End Select Boolean operators are simply TRUE or FALSE switches that process really quickly.

Public Enum enum Gender Male = 0 Female = 1 Unisex = 2End Enum Dim Gender as enum Gender Select Case Gender Case Male (insert code here)... In the example below b Male, b Female and b Unisex are Boolean variables.

I suggest caution when using worksheet functions in large, time consuming macros.