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We have kept second jobs as teachers so that we can explore ways to generate income on a small farm without the pressure of having to operate in a way that would take all the joy out of what we do.At Sunflower Farm, every goat born on the farm is named and valued and we cherish our animals long after their commercial productivity while providing them the very best feed, medical attention and love. Although the goats enjoy lots of time grazing in the field and enjoying the attention of visitors, they work hard too.Another point to consider is although high producing goats are satisfying in a dairy operation for sure, there are some benefits to a goat (or cow) that is a moderate producer.A growing number of Americans struggle with lactose intolerance.We have consciously chosen another path for our animals.

Culling practices can help farms increase their profit margin, save time and work towards genetics in a dairy herd that emphasize high milk production.We also know that these dams love their kids, and so we find caring homes for any we can't keep (often long before we breed we have a full waiting list).Each kid has a distinct personality and we grow incredibly attached to all of them by the time they leave at 8 weeks.We believe even the old lady goats who can no longer be bred deserve this time with family.

While culling be necessary in a huge dairy operation, we believe that people who buy local are looking for an alternative which is more in line with how they would treat their own animals.Sunflower Farm is one of a handful of No Cull commercial dairy goat farms in the country.