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Again, a geisha and her danna can fall in love but intimacy is never viewed as an exchange for the danna’s financial support.: It may have happened way in the past, but nowadays, NO young girl is sold to an okiya due to poverty as it is more of a personal career choice in order to become a maiko/geisha.Though there are speculations that this mizuage (taking of the virginity) was done by some maiko in the past, what’s important to remember is that this is NOT done today nor was it ever traditionally accepted to be done by geisha for their maiko.The only kind of mizuage that maiko have done was a ceremony wherein older geisha would symbolically cut the topknot of the maiko’s hair to signify her coming of age (of becoming an adult).This is the upside-down image that is printed on the back of 1,000-yen bills! If you want to photograph Mount Fuji’s scenery, you cannot ignore the Fuji Five Lakes!At the lakes Kawaguchiko, Saiko, Yamanakako, Shojiko, and Motosuko, formed when the cave-ins of the mountain's eruptions were filled with water, various pictures of sceneries can be taken, from lake shores to Mount Fuji.Of course a geisha is free to pursue personal relationships with any man that she meets through work; but such would most likely never be casual nor will it ever be her goal for such an interaction.

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Now, we will reveal 10 of Mount Fuji’s unknown secrets, conquering the peak of this majestic symbol of Japan!

Boasting the greatest height of domestic single peak mountains in the country, Mount Fuji is loved as a sightseeing attraction representative of Japan throughout the world.

More than 300,000 mountaineers flock to it every year.

I hope this article helped in making you gain more insight about the mysterious yet captivating world of geisha and their apprentice maiko.

It took me a while to finish this up but I really enjoyed writing it… If in case though that this is the first time you’ve heard of Japan’s geisha, it is therefore also my hope that you’ve now discovered a great appreciation for their wondrous traditions. S.: If you are more knowledgeable about geisha than me and that I’ve accidentally made a false statement above, do let me know in the comments below. At 21, I quit my corporate job in the Philippines to pursue my dreams. This looks just like a diamond and is thus called “Diamond Fuji.” The sun right over the mountain shines dazzlingly in a blazing light; this graceful scenery is a true masterpiece of nature! This wondrous scenery that can be observed once a month truly leaves one stunned by its sheer beauty.