Updating a row in sql using php

02-Aug-2020 21:48

Please help with updating multiple rows with an array using PHP with my SQLi I have managed to do this OK with an INSERT query, but am struggling with the syntax for an UPDATE query. Thanks a million for your help...everything works perfectly.So, we should create another column with user’s list view for checkbox input.So, while printing user table entries dynamically to the list view, the loop should contain the following items.While implementing multiple rows update or delete, we need to follow some steps.All the steps listed below are suitable for updating multiple rows.

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From that example, let us take list_and edit_and continue with the list of steps stated above.

For selecting multiple rows, we are going to use checkbox input for submitting selected rows reference.

We can get selected checkbox values via j Query AJAX post or by accessing the form from PHP after page refresh.

For multi-row delete also we are submitting selected rows by using Javascript.

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As shown in the following script, we can use Javascript confirm() function, to get confirmation before delete.With these steps, we should make little changes on list_and edit_