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26-Oct-2019 00:03

See : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Flashing_BIOS_from_Linux I wanted to update BIOS on Dell Inspiron 1525 recently. is dead and should not be used, according to dell -- "OBSOLETE!If a BIOS update goes bad your computer can be rendered a paper weight.Personally I use Free DOS, although there are other options.Since this is a BIOS upgrade it does not even matter whether you use 32-bit or 64-bit versions if your computer is 64-bit.Once you have a Windows 7 Repair Disk, the rest is easy.One of the easiest methods requiring no server configuration is to upgrade Power Edge servers via booting into a Cent OS 7.0 x64 live environment (USB is faster but one may want to use CD/DVD due to a limited number of USB ports), load the firmware BIN files onto a FAT32 USB drive, execute the following in a terminal to find the path to the USB drive, and launch the .BIN extension firmware file: This is how the files were developed assuming one is using Red Hat.

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Please visit their page for more information, there are precise instructions there: First, I would not update the BIOS unless there is a specific problem that requires a BIOS update to fix (such as activation of Virtualization technology).

So far so good, but you will notice that the download is a Windows executable.