Updating ios on cisco 1900 switch

18-Jan-2020 16:09

Our router currently has two IOS images: Which IOS image will it select when the router boots? You have seen how this can be done from your computer to your router/switch or between two routers.

Deleting the old IOS image is one option but there is another way. We also checked how to verify the integrity of the file with the MD5 checksum and how to configure your router to boot the new IOS image.

Don’t type “y” or “yes” here or that will become the destination filename. Accessing tftp:// If you have to upgrade the IOS image on multiple devices, this is more convenient as you can just copy/paste the above line on all devices.

You can also turn a Cisco IOS router or switch into a TFTP server.

Most routers will select the first filename that they find on the flash memory so in our case, it means it would boot the older IOS image.

We can change this with the boot sytem command: R1#show version Cisco IOS Software, 2800 Software (C2800NM-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 15.1(4)M12a, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Technical Support: Copyright (c) 1986-2016 by Cisco Systems, Inc.

Copying to or from an FTP server is also no problem, we can do this with the same copy command.

updating ios on cisco 1900 switch-35

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On most routers, this flash memory can be easily replaced.

Compiled Tue 04-Oct-16 by prod_rel_team ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 12.4(13r)T, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) R1 uptime is 14 minutes System returned to ROM by reload at UTC Fri Nov 4 2016 System image file is hostname R1 !

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