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28-Jun-2020 21:49

It is licensed under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) as well as the GNU General Public License (GPL). Remember to replace “username” with the username which you wish to use on the server, as well as replacing “server_ip” with your server’s IP address.

Before starting with the Glass Fish Server installation, it is a good idea to update the system packages to their latest versions, if any are available: Since Glass Fish is powered by Java, it must be installed and configured on your Ubuntu server first.

We recommend you go with the distribution-specific route because that aligns itself with how Linux distributions are usually maintained.

‘Ubuntu 18.04’ will be maintained until it reaches The reason for the rolling ‘Ubuntu’ app approach is to give customers who just want a good Ubuntu experience to always be able to get the recommended version by installing ‘Ubuntu.’ And those who need more control over their environment or need to develop against a specific LTS can do so by installing the LTS specific version. Note, the Windows Store does not automatically upgrade your currently installed distributions like it does for other apps.

So, once you install Ubuntu, that will be your working version unless you manually complete the upgrade steps.

Otherwise, you can point to the JRE (Java Runtime Environment). If you're just executing Java programs, you can point to either the JRE or the JDK.

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