Updating laser in xbox disk drive

26-Sep-2020 11:51

So I put a new pcb on the drive and my disc went in fine but won’t play as they are not matched up.What part needs to be taken off my old pcb and put onto the new pcb?Error code CE-35888-2 is a fairly common fault code on PS4 game consoles.Many times it occurs after the optical drive is replaced or repaired.So I bought Skyrim a few days ago, was really enjoying playing it, worked just fine until I left for two days (my xbox and games were untouched while I was gone) and all of a sudden when I try to load my game it says, "Game disk unreadable".But when I try to start a new game, it loads and shows two different text things, and then freezes my whole system.When you perform a new install or upgrade, you should download the latest software drivers from the manufacturers website for your computer model.Important drivers include: Chipset, Video, Audio and Network (Ethernet/Wireless).

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Best regard Carsten Hi I have replaced the drive and put my original pcb on it and it still won’t take in my disc.After you get it all you have to do is remove the board that came with the replacement drive and install the one that came off of the bad optical drive that you are replacing onto the replacement blu ray drive.

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