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There are tons of other folders in the Configuration folder, but the one that holds the files that we are interested in is the Third Party Source Code folder.Inside this folder, you’ll find the jquery-mobile folder. None of the sites that you have worked on previously are reliant on these files, as Dreamweaver makes a local copy in each site you create (if you are not using the CDN versions of the Mobile Starter Pages – which we will talk about later).Earlier versions of Dreamweaver locate the personal configuration folder in a slightly different location.This is where it can be found in Dreamweaver CS3: Windows 7/Vista: The personal configuration folder for Dreamweaver 8 and older is in a similar location, except you should replace "Adobe" with "Macromedia" and substitute the appropriate version of Dreamweaver in the path name.There are 3 pages – two of which reference the files that you have now deleted, j Query Mobile Local Multi and j Query Mobile Phone Gap Multi You’ll see in the head of the document links to the two old j Query Javascript files and the old CSS file.

In fact, the application itself is built around the very technologies that it itself writes, namely HTML, CSS and Javascript.Finally, if you want to change the CDN version, it points to the jquery repository online, simply update j Query Mobile Multi to point to the location of the CDN versions of the files. Delete the file Win File or Mac File from the Dreamweaver configuration folder as described: Dreamweaver creates a cache file called Win File or Mac File inside your personal Dreamweaver configuration folder (the asterisks represent a series of letters and numbers that might differ from computer to computer).Of course, all those things you can do make it challenging to learn.

Find out some of the many things that Dreamweaver can do, including changes in the latest version, CS5.

To solve the problem, close Dreamweaver and delete Win File or Mac File