Updating maven dependencies eclipse

20-Mar-2020 01:19

Although I did not have so much tpme to dig it in, if m2eclipse and subversion is used together in the same work space then startup initialization ends up with deadlocks, both trying to acquire semaphores.

Regards, Hasan Ceylan Hasan, are you using Subclipse 1.2?

This variable needs to point to the local maven repository. I went to Window → Preferences and Java SW → Build Path → Classpath Variables.

I clicked the New button and created the M2_REPO classpath variable and pointed it to my local maven repository.

However, the add dependency dialog only shows the options "workspace" option. I tried refreshing my index many times but I still can't see the project in the local repository. Currently the m2eclipse does not automatically updating index for the local maven repository.

You can force the index update from the popup menu in the "Maven Indexes" views.

I'm wondering if it might have to do with me switching my project to use target/ instead of target-eclipse/.

Do you have your projects in public source repository that we can access? regards, Eugene --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe from this list, please visit: I see - the snapshots do present a tricky case.After importing the project, it had build path issues.