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For instance, we believe we’ve caught all of the known model codes for the models listed, but there are always special edition or one-off models that sometimes change the code.

It’s possible we've missed a few, but to the best of our efforts, this is a complete list of every Harley-Davidson models today.

Styling changes like Art Deco style badging and paint helped sales.

This was the final model to receive the 45 (minus the H-D Servi-Car which we're not talking about here).

During these years, Harley-Davidson was in a frenzy of engineering and development.

New models, engines, and chassis configurations seemed to change every year or so as new breakthroughs were made and new ideas were tested. Harley, completed a blueprint drawing of an engine in a bicycle frame.

The engine was a 24.74 cubic inch, inlet-over-exhaust single with a single-speed transmission and a leather belt drive with back-up pedal assist.

The early years featured a huge variety of models, from singles, V-twins, and opposed twins in a variety of frames.