Updating perl modules

14-Sep-2019 21:53

When I updated Spam Assassin I had to do a local installation, as the site wide installation is owned by root and cannot be updated, maybe you will need to do something similar if you need to update the above modules. CGI, CGI:: Pretty, Ext Utils, File:: Spec and others won't install because of the reasons I mentioned previously (root owns the originals).Data:umper requires some UTF stuff, that I think needs to be compiled into Perl.I seem to be having a problem updating certain perl modules.The following is a list of modules that I have tried, but without success to update. Latest Module Name Author 1 2.02 2.03 Apache:: Status GOZER 2 5.57 5.60 Auto Loader NWCLARK 3 2.56 3.00 CGI LDS 4 1.03 1.05 CGI:: Pretty LDS 5 1.72 1.807 DB_File PMQS 6 2.101 2.121 Data:umper ILYAM 7 1.01 1.07 Ext Utils:: Command MSCHWERN 8 0.80 0.86 File:: Spec KWILLIAMS 9 2.23 2.34 Getopt:: Long JV 10 0.92 0.95 IO:: Socket:: SSL BEHROOZI 11 2.24 2.31 Net:: Ping BBB 12 1.13 1.15 Net:: SNPP TOBEYA 13 1.21 1.25 Net:: SSLeay SAMPO 14 1.098 1.41 Pod:: Checker MAREKR 15 1.02 1.37 Pod:: Man RRA 16 2.06 2.09 Safe ABERGMAN 17 1.01 1.07 Term:: ANSIColor RRA 18 1.13 1.24 Test SBURKE 19 2.26 2.30 Test:: Harness PETDANCE 20 1.00 3.02 Text:: Soundex MARKM 21 98.1129 2001.0929 Text:: Wrap MUIR 22 2.31 2.34 XML:: Parser MSERGEANT 23 1.01 2.03 base MSCHWERN I have even gone as far as to install the latest version of CPAN, CPANPLUS.The second directory you have control over (well, sort of, I notice that some things in there are also owned by root).So, I guess the modules above are trying to update themselves in the first directory and it doesn't work.It shouldn't, but complex systems are complex and sometimes things do break (e.g.if a module is updated with a non-backwards compatible change, or depends on a C library which has bugs which only show up in combination with specific dependencies). You might like perlbrew for that (I don't, but that's no big deal).

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When searching a Perl module, sooner or later you will end up on one of two sites sites providing information about CPAN modules.While the new version certainly works fine with other modules, it cannot update the modules noted above either.