Updating statistics sql server why is dating younger men wrong

28-Apr-2020 08:58

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The last several releases of SQL Server have introduced a slew of new features, as well as improvements in existing functionality.

There are also several noteworthy changes related to updating statistics and new functionality has been added around viewing statistics information.

Altogether, these changes across the latest releases can cause a variation in SQL Server behavior that you weren't expecting.

In general sampling (as opposed to full scans) kicks in when we have about 8MB of data in the table (or about 1000 pages).

If you want to specify a full scan the syntax is as follows: You might want to use a sample as once your tables get large full scans can take a little time.

We’ll look at examples of the other scenarios in subsequent posts.

For now though, let’s just look at how you go about updating statistics.

This system stored procedure can be used for updating all of the statistics objects in a database: This stored procedure iterates through your database using a WHILE loop and executes the UPDATE STATISTICS command as it goes.Equally though if you’re updating statistics in a quieter time (e.g.

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