Updating ubuntu to intrepid

29-Jan-2020 13:00

Yesterday I finally got up to date and installed Ubuntu 8.10 on my desktop. Also one suggestion, along with Ubuntu tips and terminal commands why don’t you also provide Kubuntu commands too? On my PC (dual booted with Vista), my upgrade went perfectly.Other than some slow software mirrors, everything has gone smoothly. However on my laptop (At the time dual booted with 98) 8.10 seemed to run really slowly so now it’s gone and I’m stuck with XP (I’ll probably reinstall 8.04 soon) I tried a live CD to be sure 8.10 worked with my weird old laptop (Sharp MP30 with ATI Radeon 7500 graphics). I’ve had problems going back to Feisty with my graphics setup, and live CDs often abort at the point where X would load unless I’m in safe graphics mode.It is a simple and easiest way to protect your server from vulnerabilities.This method is also beneficial when you administrate multiple servers.

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save the file to the desktop and close the browser.

double click the file and click install package even if you are upgrading.

After finding a working mirror, I couldn’t install updates because something was locking apt in the background. The more annoying problem since upgrading from Hardy to Ibex has been that Virtual Box simply hangs when I go to boot a disc image.

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Actually, I have one more backbreaker for Ibex, and that is the network setup.

The Linux server security is indeed an essential task for sysadmins.